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At Vicoma, we embrace diversity and cherish inclusion as essential pillars of our business. We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only the right choice, but also a source of connection and innovation. We believe that differences in background, age, experience, gender, orientation and character are invaluable for strengthening our team and improving service to our customers.

Different perspectives and talents

We are proud that our employees bring a rich variety of perspectives and talents. This diversity allows us to come up with creative solutions, generate new ideas and tackle challenges in innovative ways. At Vicoma we value that everyone can be themselves and feel appreciated for who they are.

Equal opportunity work environment

We strive to create a working environment where equal opportunities are the norm. Where employees are encouraged to use their potential. And where everyone has the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. This includes, for example, offering training and the right support for the growth of all our employees.

Open, safe and inclusive culture

At Vicoma we work hard to promote an open, safe and inclusive culture. We listen to our employees, learn from each other and are committed to continuous improvement. We want to be an organization where everyone feels heard and where diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated.

Diversity and inclusion as part of who we are

Regardless of your story, your background or your perspective, you are welcome at Vicoma. Together we form a stronger, more creative and more inclusive team. And we all contribute to the success and growth of our company. Diversity and inclusion are not goals in themselves, but an integral part of who we are and what we stand for at Vicoma.

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Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma

Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma