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Explanation about our
terms of employment

It is of course nice to have something extra on top of your salary every now and then. It is of course nice to have something extra on top of your salary every now and then. On top of your salary you will receive a bonus of 15% of the monthly salary in December.

We also enjoy surprising you with nice gifts throughout the year.

We would love to see you, but preferably not every day. We expect you to take responsibility in your work, but also in taking rest. We know how important it is that you can also switch off from work. Let’s be honest; Working is a lot of fun, but being free is also wonderful! Do what you like and enjoy with the people you love most. You do not have to record your days per day, you can also record them per hour. We just want to know in advance when you will not be there and especially hope that you enjoy your free time.

Other leave schemes

We also have arrangements for maternity leave, parental leave and care leave, for example. But you also get a day off if you move, for example.

With our flexible terms of employment, you have the opportunity to put together part of the benefits package to suit your personal needs. Besides your fixed salary, you have the choice of having (part of) the budget paid out or taking it as leave. You can also spend your budget in a tax-friendly way for development, for example.

At Vicoma you can take parental leave as a parent. Because you temporarily work less, you have more time to care for your children. In total, you are entitled to parental leave for 26 x the weekly working hours. This applies to parents of children up to 8 years old.

Since August 2, 2022, parents are also entitled to paid parental leave in the first year of the child’s life. A new family situation can take some getting used to. By taking parental leave you have more space to find your rhythm again with your family.

We believe in the power of flexible working and see it as a valuable instrument to support our employees in a healthy work-life balance.

With us, you don’t have to be behind your laptop at exactly 9:30 am. So no stress if you first want to exercise or take the children to school. We understand that it can be a challenge to keep all the balls in the air. That is why our working hours are flexible. We provide a guideline and within that you decide when you work. You can also work part-time or work 4×9, for example. In short, you are in control and this way you can maintain an even better balance between your work and private life.

No travel time for a while. With today’s traffic jams, that sounds like music to our ears. Many of our colleagues use this and they work partly at the office and partly from home. Because we think it is important that our people also work at home under the right conditions, we facilitate this in your home workplace. This way you always have a good desk, a good chair and the right IT resources at home.

At Vicoma you get a laptop and company telephone. Very useful if we promote flexible working. With a laptop and telephone you can be reached everywhere and are not tied to your location. This does not mean that you have to be on 24/7, because we also find a good work-life balance very important.

At Vicoma, we want to continue to innovate and are also happy to invest in your development, so we can grow together. Sharing and exchanging knowledge is super important. Just like staying informed of the latest developments, rules and standards within our field. We therefore offer everyone the opportunity to follow courses and training.

Vicoma heeft een pensioensregeling bij Allianz. De beleggingsexperts van Allianz beleggen de pensioenpremies via lifecycles. Je kunt daardoor ook zelf invloed uitoefenen op het beleggingsrisico. You decide whether you choose the defensive, neutral or offensive risk profile. Vicoma pays part of your pension and you also pay a monthly contribution yourself.

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Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma

Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma