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At Vicoma we understand that the way we work is constantly evolving. Flexibility in working hours and workplaces has become an essential part of our corporate culture. We believe in the power of flexible working. And we see it as a valuable tool to support our employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance, and at the same time increase productivity.

Flexibility that suits your needs

Whether it concerns remote working, flexible working hours, part-time work or other forms of flexibility, at Vicoma we are open to various work schedules that suit the needs of our employees. We understand that no two people have the same life situation, which is why we encourage a tailored approach.

A better work-life balance

Flexible working has many advantages. It enables employees to adapt their work to their personal circumstances, resulting in a better work-life balance and less stress. It increases employee satisfaction and involvement, which promotes productivity and creativity. In addition, it can lead to a reduction in commuting and the associated environmental impact.

Investing in the right resources for flexible working

At Vicoma we have invested in the technology and systems that support flexible working. This includes powerful communication tools and secure access to company resources. This way our employees can work together effectively regardless of their location. We also facilitate your home workplace, so that you can also work responsibly from home. We promote a culture of trust and responsibility, where results are central rather than strictly office attendance.

Make the most of your talent

Our commitment to flexible working reflects our belief in the power of diversity and inclusion. It enables people to use their talents and skills, regardless of their personal circumstances. We continue to listen to our employees and evolve our flexible working approach. In this way we ensure that everyone at Vicoma can excel, regardless of how, where or when they work.

Flexible working is the future

At Vicoma, flexible working is the future and we are proud to embrace and promote this vision. We believe it is the key to a sustainable, productive and satisfied working environment. And we will therefore continue to invest in the development and support of flexible working for all our employees. Together we create a pleasant working environment at Vicoma.

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Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma

Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma