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Jordy Paijmans


As a Piping & Mechanical Engineer at Vicoma, you focus on working on designs and budgets for new process installations or modifications to existing process installations.

Piping & Mechanical Engineer at Vicoma

As a Piping & Mechanical Engineer, you enjoy being active for customers in different markets. Depending on your expertise, you may sometimes work on the design of a new tank pit or pump manifolds for tank terminals and on other occasions on expanding or replacing a piping system for a (petro)chemical installation. But it may also be that you are concerned with strength theory, heavy mechanical engineering, fatigue calculations and drive technology. Consider, for example, upgrading a crane so that it can lift heavier loads, or installing a new chimney that produces fewer emissions. Whatever the project, you ensure that everything in your design is easily accessible, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Naturally, you also ensure that the installation meets all legal requirements, standards and regulations.

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Collaboration that connects

You work closely with colleagues. Not only in your own department, but also with colleagues from other departments and branches. You also seek to connect with the customer, so that you have a clear picture of his wishes, requirements and expectations. By communicating clearly and on time, we prevent disappointments or miscommunication.

We also work together on your growth. Because there are also technical or regulatory developments in your field. We understand that it is important for you to have this up-to-date knowledge. But also to develop yourself and broaden your knowledge. For this we offer you the opportunity to follow courses and training.

Veelgestelde vragen over Piping & Mechanical?

What are the employment conditions for a Piping & Mechanical Engineer?

Vicoma offers an extensive package of employment conditions. For example, with full-time employment you get 35 days off, 22 vacation days and 13 days off. But it is also possible to work part-time at Vicoma. We believe work-life balance is important and that is why we use flexible working hours, work hybrid, have arrangements for maternity leave and parental leave, a moving day and more. We also offer opportunities so that you can develop yourself and you can count on holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus every year.

Can I grow as a Piping & Mechanical Engineer?

Absolute. You can grow in a technical field, but you can also grow in the direction of Project Management or as a manager. It just depends on where your ambition lies.

What training do I need as a Piping & Mechanical Engineer?

To work as a Piping & Mechanical Engineer at Vicoma, you need at least a HBO working and thinking level and training in Mechanical Engineering (WTB).

Can I also work from home as a Piping & Mechanical Engineer?

Yes, at Vicoma we work hybrid and flexible. The guideline is that with full-time employment you work from home for a maximum of 2 days. To make this possible, you will receive a company laptop and telephone. We also think it is important that you can properly set up your home workplace. That is why we facilitate this with the necessary resources, such as a desk, office chair, screen (including USB-C docking station), keyboard and computer mouse.

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Want to know more about Piping & Mechanical?

Jordy Paijmans can tell you more about it


Jordy Paijmans


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Building the Netherlands of tomorrow together with Vicoma