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Corrine van der Laarse – Project Manager

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Corrine van der Laarse – Project Manager

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Corrine van der Laarse began her career at Vicoma some four years ago as a project manager. In her position, she is responsible for implementing multidisciplinary projects for various clients. We asked her if she could tell us a bit more about her job and her career at Vicoma.

How did you end up at Vicoma?

“Not very long after I posted a message on LinkedIn that I was available for a career move, I was contacted by a head hunter. Vicoma was on the lookout for a document controller and a project manager at the time. I was invited to speak with someone from Vicoma about the position of project leader, and not much later I was allowed to start.”

Can you tell us something about your role as project manager?

“A customer comes to me with an idea or a desire to improve something in his factory. We then convert the form of that idea – I work with a multidisciplinary team – into a study. I’m the point of contact throughout the project for the customer and for the lead engineers in the team. Together, we ensure that our work reaches the customer in the right way, at the right time, and at the agreed cost. The study is generally followed by detailed engineering and we deliver an engineering package. A contractor can use this package to do the work.”

What projects are you working on now as project manager?

“I’m currently working on a very large project that runs into the millions of euros, where the customer is looking to extend a section of the plant with new reactors, mixers, furnaces, etcetera. I am also supervising 30 smaller jobs for another client. No matter how big or small a project is, it’s always important that you keep the control and manage everything from start to finish. This can sometimes get quite challenging or complex because of the diversity. In case I get stuck somewhere, I can always reach out to my manager and together we work on finding a solution. One thing is certain, it’s never boring.”

In your experience, how is the flexibility at Vicoma?

“Since I supervise projects for multiple customers, it’s nice to know that I can arrange my time flexibly and that it’s not a problem for Vicoma. I can work from home, in the office or on site at the client, and I can structure the work to suit my planning and the projects.”

How would you describe the atmosphere at Vicoma?

“Vicoma is a relatively small, flat organisation. This means that, as an employee, you are quickly seen for who you are. You aren’t just a number and the lines of communication are short. I can walk up to the director in the corridor for a quick word without any problems, or have a cup of coffee with the receptionist if I like. It’s very informal. But most importantly, we do what we promise. And if things do go differently than planned, it is important to discuss this both internally and with the customer Fortunately, there is always someone to support me if I have to have difficult conversations with a customer.”

Does Vicoma also offer career training?

“I recently attended an IPMA Project Management course together with other project managers, where we learnt how to improve our soft and hard project management skills. And I’m currently doing a conflict management training course. The courses give you a fresh perspective on our profession. You always learn something. That way, you keep developing as a person, while also serving your customers even better.”

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