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Maryam Doaie – Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

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Maryam Doaie – Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

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Maryam about her experience at Vicoma

Maryam has been working at Vicoma as a senior electrical & instrumentation engineer since July 2022. We recently spoke to her on topics such as her work, her experiences and the atmosphere and culture at Vicoma.

“I got to know Vicoma because one of my former colleagues already worked for the company. He knew that I was ready for a new challenge and informed me of an open vacancy on LinkedIn,” says Maryam. “In my previous job, the projects I worked on were broadly very similar. At Vicoma, every project is unique, which gives me more opportunities to grow and learn by applying new technology and new ways of designing. I work on different projects for different clients, each with their unique characteristics. Every day I have to innovate and create and draw on the experience, knowledge and skills I have developed and acquired over the past 20 years. That makes this job so fascinating.”
There is also a lot of team work. “When we work on a project, we do this with a multidisciplinary team. We have to troubleshoot together to solve problems and innovate.”

What do you remember about your first day at work and first months at Vicoma, Maryam?

“On my first official working day, I was pleasantly surprised by the openness and friendliness of the people. I even received a bouquet of flowers, the director personally welcomed me and I was introduced to some colleagues with whom I would work. After day 1, I was not immediately thrown in at the deep end, but was given the opportunity to get to know the company, its working methods, procedures and culture, so that I could build my own network. Vicoma offers a safe workplace for its employees. This is very motivating. When you feel comfortable and confident, this contributes to productivity.”

Has your idea about Vicoma changed at all after nine months?

“Even after nine months, Vicoma is a company where I feel at home. But I also see opportunities how Vicoma can grow even further. It’s a big company with four offices. It would be nice to improve the communication between them even further by sharing more resources and training together. We can support each other even more as one team, create synergy and take the quality on all fronts to the next level. It is important to challenge yourself as an individual every day and to want to improve. But this also applies to the company as an umbrella organisation. Then 1+1 isn’t 2 anymore but a multiple factor of that number, and together you can move mountains.”

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